Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services

A Texas 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Agency

Thank you for caring about our children and continuing to help provide a safe and nurturing environment for them. During these uncertain times, we are proud to offer our pre-service classes via web conferencing until this pandemic is over. We are currently reserving seats for our June training.

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Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services

A Texas 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Agency

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Foster Care—Good or Bad (Part 3)

Having (a) required reporting of suspected neglect/abuse in the 1960’s, (b) created a therapeutic environment in foster homes in the 1980’s in order to accommodate the overpopulation of children placed in institutional care during the 1970’s, (c) required measures to reduce risk to children, accelerate permanence for children, and increase accountability for caretakers in t... read more

Foster Care—Good or Bad (Part 2)

Previous to the last century laws were not in place to protect children; thus children were oftenmistreated without intervention. Given that long history, the United States and much of therest of the world have, in a relatively short period of time, made remarkable progress, however.The famous Mary Ellen case in 1874 set the stage for formalizing a system for protection forchildren. Then in ... read more

Foster Care: Good or Bad? Then, Now, and Beyond

Let’s try a word association.  When you hear the words, “foster care,” what is the first thought that comes to your mind?  Abuse?  Perhaps even more abuse!  Money?   Money as in the cost to the taxpayer?  Or money as in the motive for foster parents to take children in?  We could go on... read more

Teens Need Love Too

Adolescence can be a challenging stage of life for both the teenagers as well as their parents.However, during this time of life, when a young person’s foremost task is to find his or her identity, teens will reap the benefits, later in life, from parents who contribute positively to identity and self-esteem. Many teens are blessed with the support of their families into their twenties... read more

Looking for an Alternative to "Private" Adoption ?

Often people who desire to adopt a child must wait in line for years before the opportunity becomes a reality. And the cost of private adoptions can frequently exceed $30k.  A very attractive alternative to this option is the foster-to-adopt process.  The advantages of this alternative include but are not limited to:

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